Tosti srl specialises in composite materials machining and employs around one hundred people. The company has been manufacturing composite materials mechanical parts for over thirty years, using three and five axis CNC machines.

Tosti can meet deadlines thanks to the extensive CNC machine tool fleet and the IT systems we employ, which guarantee we can correctly schedule delivery times.

We have thirty years specific experience in machining fiber-glass based electrical insulators, polyester or epossidic glass mats, bakelized cloth or paper, glass reinforced asbestos-free thermal insulators and filament winding pipes.

Our company also specialises in machining Nylon® type plastic materials, polyethylene, polypropylene, polycarbonates, Teflon®, high performance special materials, phenolic laminates and various types of laminated densified wood as well as low density resin materials.



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TOSTI SRL - Loc. Marinella 17/a - 58033 Castel del Piano GR - Italy - Tel +39.0564.955358